Inclusion services

We are a passionate organisation delivering truly person-centred support, services and programs. We provide opportunities to people with a disability to participate in inclusive and innovative programs of their choice. We enable everyone to live to their full potential by enhancing:

  • socialisation
  • self-development
  • independence
  • self-esteem
  • motivation. 

We provide the foundation for people to achieve their goals and empower them to lead dignified lives.

Our goals

  • Empower people with a disability to access a variety of inclusive and innovative programs, allowing them to exercise their preferred choice and contribute to the ongoing development of the program
  • Continue to employ a high-quality, experienced and innovative team invested in delivering excellent support and advocacy for people with a disability.
  • Extend and broaden community education, leisure options and expectations of people with a disability to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity.
  • Ensure people with a disability receive an inclusive and innovative service of the highest quality fostering a person-centred philosophy.
  • Be leaders in the disability sector in engaging with the community and listening to the needs of participants.
  • Be proactive in seeking and implementing new opportunities and maintaining a culture of continuous development and improvement.

We are committed to supporting participants to achieve their goals, gain confidence and create social networks with peers.

We believe

Fun – Having fun improves the quality of life, health and general well-being. We believe there should be more fun every day. We love to see friendships develop through active participation and being in good company.

For everyone – We believe people of all abilities should have equal access to community services and everyday support.

Community – We hope to motivate people with disabilities to participate and exercise their independence and choices in a supportive, social environment that builds self–esteem.

Affordable – Our services can be accessed through an NDIS plan. Ask us for a quote to be included in your NDIS planning.

Flexible – Everyone is different and we love that. We embrace individuality and we will help you to develop skills at your pace and in a way that works for you.

Our programs and services

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