TAC / Work Cover Memberships

TAC / Work Cover memberships are available to help individuals maximise the potential to restore and recover from an injury or an incapacity for service of work due to a workplace or road accident injury. We provide support to the injured client and their medical providers and streamlines the process of gaining rehabilitation approval. This in turn decreases the stress that is often experienced when dealing with Worksafe laws, regulations and compliance codes. We understand how difficult the overall client management process can be.

Services Available

  • Health Club
  • Group fitness
  • Personal Training

Locations available

Program Goals

  • Assist with pain management
  • Provide access to rehabilitation programs and services
  • Increase strength of injured area/s and core stabiliser muscles
  • Increase endurance for functional tasks including walking, bending, lifting and ongoing manual tasks
  • Improve health and wellness including decreasing stress and anxiety levels
  • Provide specialised support and information
  • Program to assist with returning to work duties


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