We believe in the power of inspired young people.

The Y’s Youth Programs aim to empower young people in various areas of their lives. We believe that young people are unique and diverse, and we seek to support and empower them. To us, an empowered young person feels in control of their life. They are confident in their ability to contribute to the world around them. They overcome challenges and realise their potential.

We ​​care about helping them lead active and fulfilled roles within our community by providing programs focusing on physical and mental well-being, creativity, life skills, education, advocacy and building resilience.

With programs available online and in person, we aim to offer something for everyone.

How do we empower young people?

We provide:

  • ​supportive, positive and safe spaces for young people to learn and develop
  • platforms where their voices are heard and amplified
  • opportunities to develop their capacities and specific skills, and discover what’s possible here and around the world
  • ​positive role models.

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