Open Doors

At Y Whittlesea, our belief is the power of inspired young people.

Y Whittlesea Open Doors is an initiative that provides full or partially subsidised access to Y Whittlesea programs or services for young people (25 years and under) in need within our community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants are aged 25 years and under and live or attend a service or school local to a Y Whittlesea service.
  • Applicants are experiencing disadvantage and are unable to fully fund access to our programs and services.
  • All applications must be nominated by a referral agency (community services, or agencies who act in a professional capacity to support those in this cohort) to assess eligibility for subsidised access.
  • Both a Participant Application form (to be completed by the individual seeking support) and a Referral Agency Nomination form (to be completed by a referral agency) must be fully completed before being considered for support.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult while attending any Y Whittlesea program (apart from camping programs).

The Application Process

If you are an individual seeking support:

  • Check out Y Whittlesea centres and see what programs and services are provided.
  • Speak to staff at a suitable referral agency and tell them you are experiencing difficult circumstances and would like to access a Y Whittlesea program or service.
  • Download the Participant Application form below and complete with the assistance of your referral agency.
  • Once the form is fully completed, ask your referral agency to forward directly to Y Whittlesea via email to contact@ywhittlesea.org.au

If you are a referral agency:

  • Identify clients who would benefit from a Y Whittlesea program or service.
  • Review Y Whittlesea centres to see what suitable programs and services are provided.
  • Download the Referral Agency Nomination form below (to be completed by you and the applicant).
  • Verify that your client would benefit from participating in a Y Whittlesea program or service but due to their financial situation is unable to do so.

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