Our safeguarding commitment

Our CEO commitment

As a mum of three young boys, what drew me to join the Y team was its commitment to the safety of children and young people. As a registered child safe organisation, we strongly believe and recognise that all children and young people have the right to develop and reach their potential in an environment that is caring, nurturing and safe.

The Y denounces all forms of abuse and neglect towards children and young people and works actively to provide a safe environment in all of our programs. Any incidents of suspected child abuse will be acted upon immediately and appropriately.

We are committed to keeping children and young people safe, to give them a voice and support them to achieve their full potential. As part of our commitment we continue to work with children and young people to let them guide us on what it means to feel safe and connected. This is encapsulated in everything we do. We are committed to this journey.

Michele Rowse
CEO (Chief Experience Officer)
Y Whittlesea

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Our Board commitment

The Board of Directors of Y Whittlesea is committed to ensuring that all children and young people can feel safe and be safe at the Y, in their families and in their communities. We commit to all children and young people that they will be safe, happy and empowered within our services and programs.

We have zero tolerance of child abuse, with all allegations and safety concerns treated seriously and consistently with our robust processes. We have a legal and moral obligation to contact authorities when we are worried about a child or young person’s safety, which we follow rigorously.

Our commitment to keeping children and young people safe is done by ensuring the Board, our staff and volunteers are provided with high levels of training and support to help prevent child abuse and identify risks early, therefore removing and reducing them. This is followed up with auditing and surveys to ensure our standards and commitment are improved and maintained.

We commit to keeping children and young people safe by giving them the tools and confidence to speak up and seek support when needed. Safeguarding children and young people is embedded in our culture and remains at the forefront of everything we do.

Cllinton Fullgrabe
Y Whittlesea

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