Our people

What’s it like to work for the Y? Get an insight through these team members’ Y journey. Find out how, as an organisation that gives back, we connectinspire and make an impact on young people and their communities.

Smiling Stephanie in red YMCA polo shirt in the multi-purpose courts


I started my career at the Y by volunteering for the Eltham Fun Run which was facilitated by Y Vic at the time.  I was a familiar face around my local Y centre so when the time came to nominate young people to attend UNO-Y (a youth leadership camp), the centre manager sponsored a spot for me.  It proved to be a life-changing experience for me and I was quite enthusiastic to put my hand up to attend other Y camps such as Youth Parliament and Y-Lead, and eventually became a volunteer camp leader.  From there, when I turned 18 I got my first job at the Y as a vacation care educator and from there quickly spread into roles in other areas such as creche, café, admin and payroll.

A few years down the line, Y Whittlesea needed someone to fill in to process payroll so I started on at Y Whittlesea as a contractor before being put on as an employee at Y Leisure City in the café and in customer service.  I tried my hand as a team leader for a while before eventually settling into my current role as a full time HR/Payroll Officer.  Throughout the years I’ve had many training and development opportunities and have had the chance to get involved in working groups for initiatives I’m interested in, such as being part of the Young CEO working group, attending various youth summits and being part of a working group discussing climate action at Y175 in London.  I’ve experienced a lot over my time at the Y so far and I’m very excited to see where the future takes me.

Smiling young man wearing the Y clothing and lanyard


I was fortunate enough to land a part-time role straight out of university.

I began my career as a Marketing and Communications officer for Y Services creating marketing campaigns for the official online store of the Y Australia.

My working days doubled soon after starting at the Y when I was approached by Y Whittlesea to become their new Communications Officer.

Working across two Y Associations has been a unique opportunity for me to learn in different team dynamics.

I have been able to work with experienced people in my field and always have opportunities and resources to upskill.

The Y is a fantastic place to work with a supportive and open-minded culture.