Invigor8ing Education

Invigor8ing Education is a hands on learning alternative for young people who are in year 8 who are disengaged/at risk of disengaging from education. The program offers two streams: Invigor8ing Trade and Invigor8ing Community.

Invigor8ing Trade
Based out of Melbourne Polytechnic this program offers Year 8’s the chance to learn practical building and construction skills in a TAFE environment. Over the course of 18 weeks the participants build their carpentry skills starting with small projects like a cheeseboard and then building up to projects as complicated as a dog bed.
Invigor8ing Community
Based at Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre this program offers Year 8’s the chance to sample a range of occupations in the community and recreation industries and provides them with national recognised training in Barista Basics and Food Handling.

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